“Samuel was always very thoughtful and strategic about the copy produced for our campaigns, no matter how small or large the job was. He was thorough in his research and produced quality campaigns consistent with the voice our audience responded to.”
Carolann Dekker, Chief Marketing Officer

“Working with Samuel, I found him open to exploring new ideas and approaches, not simply content to rehash words from his writing ‘toolkit.’ He is genuinely passionate about making a client's marketing come to life, tailored to their personality, regardless of which market the project encompasses. He should be your first call for excellent, considered copywriting.”
Greg Gutbezahl, Owner/Creative Director at Studio 680

“I was really impressed working with Samuel. He brings deep analysis and his research to the message YOU need to get out effectively, whether on a flyer or website. I'd say don't hesitate (affordable!) to get the essential helping and expert hand and that needed perspective on your message.”
Jasan Coolman, Solar Design/Sales Consultant

“Not only does Sam write copy that is clever and attention-grabbing, it’s based on meticulous research of the product or service. And he consistently gets to the heart of what differentiates clients from their competition.”
Nina Volk, 9aCommunications.com

“It was a pleasure working with you. The copy you wrote evidenced research and familiarity with the market. Your writing is articulate, easy to read, and compelling. You make my job easier.”
Tim Dawes, Effective Web Marketing

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